Manual “Tools for Social Development”

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Manual “Tools for Social Development” is designed as a tool kit for youth workers as well as everyone interested and willing to start working, facilitating or participating in the artistic processes with mixed ability groups. It reflects the artistic process done during the project “Tools for Social Development Volume II” – Training Course for Youth Workers that took place in Vrnjacka banja, Serbia from 1st – 8th December 2017.

Using this Manual it is possible for a youth worker to have an insight on how to put in practice artistic workshops using theater methods and contemporary dance techniques as tools when working with youth with and without disabilities. Additionally, it gives to a youth worker practical guidelines and basic theory in order to gain motivation, ideas, learn new approaches for developing professional experience, as well as get to know better the field of theater and contemporary dance as powerful artistic tools. Finally, Manual gives set of workshops in which all participants can equally engage, fully contribute and work on both professional  and personal development. We would like to emphasize that Manual “Tools for Social Development” does not include entire workshops segments implemented during the Training Course for Youth Workers.

It is possible to download the Manual on the following link:

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