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(LOKALNI JEZIK) EVS projekat u Sloven...

(LOKALNI JEZIK) EVS projekat u Sloveniji

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(LOKALNI JEZIK) Vježbajmo njemački je...

(LOKALNI JEZIK) Vježbajmo njemački jezik

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Press release

Press release

Public Infrastructure projects in Southeast Europe marred by lack of transparency and risk of corruption Skopje, 16 April 2018 Public infrastructure is meant to serve the needs of the general public. However, infrastructure projects are often not primarily designed with this in mind. Sometimes they result from pressure from investors; often they are genuine but […]

Public Infrastructure in Southeast Eu...

Public Infrastructure in Southeast Europe – in whose interest?

Within the CSOs as equal partners in monitoring of public finance project, 10 organisations from 7 countries have examined trends in public infrastructure projects in southeast Europe, including the role of the EU and financing institutions. The regional study Public infrastructure in southeast Europe – in whose interest showed that infrastructure projects are often marred by lack of transparency […]