Poziv za usluge prevođenja za projekat “OCD kao ravnopravni partneri u monitoringu javnih finansija”

Call for translation services for project CSOs as equal partners in monitoring public finance

Accurate text translation from/to English, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian. Written documents, mainly 4 analysis and policy briefs on public debt, tax justice, public-private partnerships and public infrastructure (depending on the needs of the contractor) but also reports, press releases, call for applications, promotional material, etc. produced by project partners;

Send the offer to the address of the BMPF project partner you are submitting your proposal, specifying in the subject line ‘Offer for Translation Services’.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: amra.skramoncin@ekologija.ba or emina.hasanagic@wings-of-hope.ba
Serbia: lidija.kesar@ngofractal.org or vodana@gmail.com
Macedonia bmhristovska@analyticamk.org or tmspasova@analyticamk.org
Montenegro veselin.bajceta@mans.co.me or ines.mrdovic@mans.co.me Slovenia lidija@focus.si or ajda@enabanda.si
Bulgaria desislava@zazemiata.org or todor@zazemiata.org
Kosovo diellza.salihu@birn.eu.com or albulena.sadiku@birn.eu.com
The call will be opened 10 days.

The full ToR can be found here: ToR Translation