Wings of Hope works to achieve its mission through projects aimed at improving education and mental health for youth, women, and other vulnerable groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Educational projects include academic and behavioral support for students, as well as continuously training professionals so that they can better provide help to others.

The foundation also works extensively to improve the mental health of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wings of Hope has provided psychotherapy treatment to patients for over 20 years and started working as a standalone psychotherapy centre in 2004. In addition to the Centre for Psychotherapy as a permanent project, Wings of Hope has successfully developed and implemented psychosocial support programs in both primary and secondary schools.

Wings of Hope proudly offers young people the chance to volunteer through a number of different programs. These volunteers gain experience, confidence, and a better understanding of the working world. Having international volunteers is also a vital way in which people can gain knowledge of other cultures, practice different languages and to promote co-operation across borders.