G.B. (48-year-old female)

The project participant came to the Centre of psychotherapy and education, complaining of experiencing symptoms of depression. G.B. has been divorced for 10 years and lives with her 13-year old son and her elderly and ill parents. She is employed, and provides financial support to all members of the family.

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Đ.P. (21-year-old male)

The project participant lives with his mother in Pale, Istočno Sarajevo. He came to the Centre presenting symptoms of social anxiety. Đ.P.’s father was killed during the war, when the project participant was three months old. When he was 8 years old, he was diagnosed with epilepsy.

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Đ.D. (28-year-old female)

An unemployed project participant, who was financially dependent on her husband, came to the Centre presenting symptoms of a panic disorder. The project participant was suffering from panic attacks for four years, but was misdiagnosed by the inefficient healthcare system. After Wings of Hope correctly diagnosed her illness, the psychologist started treating these panic attacks with CBT.

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L.P. (17-year-old male)

A 17 year old male student came to the Centre with his mother, describing symptoms of high anxiety and depression. Their main concern was the student’s self-injurious behaviour (i.e. self-harming), and the risk that he would drop out of high school. After the completion of the assessment, the foundation’s psychologist and psychiatrist started treating L.P.’s depression with cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy.

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B.M. (31- year-old female)

The project participant came to the Centre with complaints involving significant anxiety in the following situations: crowded places, taking public transportation, participating in group activities. The situations provoke panic attacks with the following symptoms: heart palpitations, hyperventilation, feelings of derealisation and depersonalization, dizziness.

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V.R. (31-year-old female)

A 31-year-old female project participant came to the Foundation’s Centre for Psychotherapy and Education, regarding her specific driving phobia. She obtained a job which required her to drive a car. Consequently, the project participant decided to start with a cognitive-behavioural therapy. The project participant’s main concern was that, while driving, she would cause a car crash, hurting others or herself. Seven years ago, she experienced the first symptoms of her driving phobia and, since that time, she has avoided driving, even to the extent of being a passenger in the car.

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