Since the beginning of the foundation, there have been successfully developed and implemented psychosocial support programs based in both primary and secondary schools.
One such project was begun in 1994, and named “detraumatisation for war-traumatised children”. It worked to treat war trauma through individual support measures, and by examining the wider social context of the project participants. This included their family, school and social community. 140 children were involved in this programme, which ended in 2010.
After 2010, projects shifted their focus from war trauma to concentration on children’s learning and social skills development. This alteration was a result of Wings of Hope’s close assessment of the most up to date of children’s needs.
Let’s Be Friends is a project aimed at primary school children as part of the city wide attempt to prevent juvenile delinquency. Wings of Hope implemented this programme in six primary schools across Sarajevo, and was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science and Youth in its efforts.

Wings of Hope works closely with IN Fondacija to implement educational projects and support children in schools. More information can be found about the organisation here: