Project: CSOs as equal partners in monitoring public finances


The overall objective of the project is to improve accountability and transparency of the public finance in targeted countries and strengthen Civil Society Organisations’ (CSOs) role and voice in monitoring the institutions’ performance in that area.

Specific Objectives

  1. Strengthen CSO knowledge of public finance and International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and improve CSO capacities for monitoring of public finance and IFIs.
  2. Build know-how in advocating for sustainability, transparency, and accountability of public finance and IFIs.
  3. Increase networking and cooperation of CSOs on monitoring of public finance at regional and EU level.
  4. Advocate for transparency, accountability and effectiveness from public institutions in public finance.
  5. Facilitate a greater focus on citizens’ needs in policy-making.
  6. Increase the understanding of the media and wider public of the challenges in pubic finance and impacts of IFIs.

Target Groups

  • CSOs and grassroots organisations in targeted countries that monitor or wish to monitor public finance;
  • Public authorities/decision-makers (parliaments, ministries, civil servants, key staff of the IFIs, EU institutions…) in action countries and EU;
  • Media, mainly national and international media, but also local and regional, including online media.

Final Beneficiaries

  • CSOs and grassroots organisations in targeted countries that
    become recognized by public authorities as effective and
    accountable independent actors that can equally participate in
    dialogue with authorities;
  • Public authorities in action countries and EU that will benefit from
    constructive analysis of inefficiencies and low transparency in public
    finance and recommendations for eliminating the problems;
  • General public, i.e. citizens of the targeted countries that pay
    taxes, whose taxes will be collected and spent more transparently
    and efficiently.

Estimated Results

  • Improved knowledge and capacity of CSOs to provide policy
    proposals, analysis and ensure participation in decision-making on
    public finance and the specific topics.
  • Public institutions recognize the role of CSOs in ensuring good
    governance and inclusion of policy proposals
  • Good understanding among citizens on the topics of the action
  • Strengthened organisational capacity to ensure monitoring and
    evaluation of the impact of the work and sustain the network.
  • Established a sustainable regional monitoring and watchdog
    network, able to analyse various policies and processes, recognize key problems, propose solutions and advocate for change.