Youth skills day

Wings of Hope team marked the World Youth Skills Day 2019 by reaching out to young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the help of amazing volunteers and youth exchange participants whom put into their own words what skills they have gained through participating in non-formal learning activities and youth exchanges. Here is what they


Youth-led action’s report

The Erasmus+ RESOLVE: East youth-led Social Action Report reviews a key area of results of the project. Between February 2019 and April 2019, participants of the RESOLVE: East programme (Resolvers) designed, planned, organised and delivered a range of different social action activities benefiting their local communities in Bosnia-i-Herzegovina; Turkey; Georgia; and United Kingdom. The Resolvers


Resolve Youth: Radionica izgradnje vještina efektivnog komuniciranja i rješavanja konflikata

U sklopu projekta RESOLVE: East, Fondacija Krila nade u saradnji sa Uredom za podršku studentima Univerziteta u Sarajevu organizuje Resolve Youth: Radionicu izgradnje vještina efektivnog komuniciranja i rješavanja konflikata za studente Univerziteta u Sarajevu koja će se održati 14. marta 2019. od 16:00 do 18:00 h u velikoj sali Centra za interdisciplinarne studije Univerziteta u