Call for expert from the public finance field

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Call for experts to provide services on the content of the 4 regional studies on public debt, tax justice, public-private partnerships and public infrastructure

4 experts on the following topics who are able to provide additional expertise and information about the 4 topics. The assignment of the person will be to review, give suggestions/recommendations for the improvements and answer some specific questions regarding the 4 topics.

Proposals for the first round must include the following:

The profile of the consultant and details of similar projects undertaken;

Detailed CV of consultant(s) showing:

✓      Skills related to the assignment;

✓      Experience related to the assignment;

✓      A detailed work plan

✓      Total effort and proposed consultancy fees

The full ToR can be found here: Terms of Reference BMPF.  The proposal should be sent to The call will be opened for 10 days.