Wings of Hope’s 2014 Achievements

In 2014, Wings of Hope was able to reach out and provide assistance to a huge number of people. A total of 824 hours of psychotherapy and counseling was given to children, adolescents and adults. This service was received by men, women, LGBT + people, students, employed and unemployed people. Furthermore, there were 201 people who attended lessons at the organisation. Courses were given in Maths, Science, Mechanics, Electronics, German, English and Philosophy. These students either received lessons throughout the year, or at Wings of Hope’s summer school.

Wings of Hope also concentrated on supporting those seeking employment. Workshops were run for long term unemployed women, with an emphasis on single mothers and those who did not complete their high school education. Each of the women finished their courses, increasing their chances of finding work. A further project called Preparation for the Active Job Search was undertaken. This worked with 35 applicants to improved their knowledge about the job application process. Of these 35 people, 14 found work: 6 part-time and 8 full-time.
The organisation also strengthened its ties to local foundations and individuals. It ran a seminar for psychologists and CBT therapists focusing on the issues in therapy related to LGBT+ participants. Furthermore, education and training sessions were held with Wings of Hope staff and other professionals to share good practices and maintain an excellent standard of support. There were also many collaborations undertaken with local organisations. Wings of Hope joined with Foundation CURE in a projected related to youth and peer violence, and worked with Sarajevo Open Centre to provide support to LGBT+ people.

Wings of Hope also worked in response to the flooding that occurred across Bosnia. Combining with other organisations, Wings of Hope went directly to the field in Maglaj and Olovo. Crisis intervention and micro screening of survivors needs was undertaken.
Finally, the organisation became involved in the Erasmus + scheme, and welcomed three EVS volunteers from EVS.

Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope