Volunteer In Colombia

Support Local Empowerment While Building Your Skills For Change

DanDlion is a Colombian non-profit organization that supports volunteers from different parts of the world in their desire to be agents of social transformation mainly in the city of Medellín, Colombia.

We help connect volunteers to meaningful and high impact volunteer opportunities to help foster positive collaborative social development. Our work is based in ethical learning service philosophy where transformational change is a two-way street. We seek volunteers who have both skills but also humility and are eager to learn from the people and culture where they are based. We also strive to facilitate strong placements where local organizations can best utilize the skills of our volunteers( to learn before to servelearningservice.info).

DanDlion manages the entire volunteering experience in the city of Medellín, including NGO placement, selection, training, preparation and accompaniment from the beginning to the end.

For the placements, we have more than 20 NGO partners in Medellin, Colombia with  the following types of opportunities

  • Children/youth
  • Arts and Music
  • Environmental conservation
  • Human Rights
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Sports
  • Elderly Care
  • Animal Care

More information available here: https://pcdnetwork.org/blogs/volunteer-in-colombia-support-local-empowerment-while-building-your-skills-for-change/?fbclid=IwAR2eQgAYLh7PT6SkwOaFTzRU_mtAARSywGfa4hj9CzfH5lMmn_vE5b6-R0o


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