Izvještaj sa lokalnih omladinskih akcija u sklopu Resolve: East projekta


The Erasmus+ RESOLVE: East youth-led Social Action Report reviews a key area of results of the project. Between February 2019 and April 2019, participants of the RESOLVE: East programme (Resolvers) designed, planned, organised and delivered a range of different social action activities benefiting their local communities in Bosnia-i-Herzegovina; Turkey; Georgia; and United Kingdom.

The Resolvers utilised the skills they developed throughout the lifetime of the RESOLVE: East programme to carry out these social action activities. Although each activity in each country was slightly different they all promoted a theme of social tolerance and community inclusion, mobilising their key Life Skills and Reconciliation for Development competences Resolvers developed.

The BiH Resolvers organised a Resolve Youth: a workshop of effective communication and conflict resolution, a 2 hours long workshop for a diverse group.

BiH picture

The UK Resolvers carried out a range of social action activities in their communities’; (1) Beyond Borders’ Activist Fair event at Battersea Arts Centre – 30th March 2019 (2) Organised a crowd-fundraiser for AFRIL (3) Food Bank – goods collection and delivery to local food banks (4) Language exchange coffee morning.

UK pictureThe Turkey Resolvers had 3 social action: (1) Volunteering for distribution of hot meal to homeless people (2) writing and receiving funding for the project “children on the stage” for Syrian refugees’ children. (3) Organising a seminar to students in Istanbul Trade University.

Turkey picture

The Georgian Resolvers organised a session for municipality of Kazbegi, Georgia and a part of the program was team building and peace building.

The full report is available here.


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